18 June 2018

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Panometer Dresden

Dresden 1945 - Tragedy and hope of a european city
back from 12. January 2019
On a 1:1 scale, DRESDEN 1945 takes you on a journey through time back to the Elbe metropolis in the immediate aftermath of the bombing raids in 1945. The view from the Town Hall tower reveals the ruins of the destroyed city, from which columns of smoke are seen rising. The project broaches the issues of tragedy and hope in Europe. It does not merely show the tragedy of Dresden, but draws attention to the interactions of European war-torn history. By 1945, not only had a large number of European cities been destroyed, such as Rotterdam, Coventry, Stalingrad and Warsaw, but also numerous German cities.

The accompanying multimedia exhibition provides an introduction into this period. While paying tribute to the reconstruction – by including contemporary witnesses, Asisi nevertheless questions post-war urban planning concepts.

The panoramic experience is rounded off with the accompanying music by film composer Eric Babak and sound effects reflecting the era and the setting in the scene.

BAROQUE DRESDEN - The myth of the royal city of saxony
from 28. April 2018 to 06. January 2019
The historic old town of Dresden Asisi shows the 360 ° Panorama

In Dresden Reick, a former gas meter, the "DRESDEN - Myth of the Baroque Royal Seat" Panorama can be viewed. The Exhibition gives a wonderful impression of how the baroque city of Dresden may have looked in the mid 18th century. Wide sweeping views over the town where The Castle, New Town Market, Augustus Bridge, Brühl Terraces, the Frauenkirche and the Neumarkt, Holy Cross Church and Market Square can be seen. All of these baroque glories are embedded in Elbe landscapes and living quarters are animated with people and the hustle and bustle of a busy market day in the town which is fondly known as the "Florence on the Elbe".

The exhibition comprises some 105 meters long and 27 meters high paintings by the Berlin architect and artist, Prof. Yadegar Asisi at the time of the Saxon Baroque.
The observation deck affords a view far above the roofs and squares of the city to the magnificent residence of the fortress Königstein on the horizon.
The 360 degree circular painting gives a fascinating impression of how the town formally looked and line between reality and illusion is crossed over for the visitor.

The accompanying exhibition designed as a walk through the city on the Elbe, reinforces the impression of a journey through time. In addition numerous fragments of the original Baroque Dresden and other paintings of the “Vedutenreihe” can be seen.
Asisi Panometer Dresden
Gasworks road 8b
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