18 June 2018

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Dresdner lifts

Cable car

It is not the oldest, but one of the most beautiful funicular railways in Germany. Not only the technical monument itself, the unique location of the funicular railway to the picturesque Dresden Loschwitz hillside attracts many visitors. For good reasons, the Dresden Elbe Valley UNESCO has recently declared a World Heritage Site. Opened in 1895, Dresdner funicular leads up to the district”White Deer “. This noble district has become famous through the sanatorium of Dr. Heinrich Lahmann and the pioneering efforts of Prof. Manfred von Ardenne.
The Railway itself is 547 meters in length and overcomes a maximum gradient of 29 percent. At the top station visitors can enjoy the restaurant Luisenhof. The Terrace is worth a stop due to its lovely views of the Elbe and Dresden also known as „the balcony of Dresden".


The station of the elevated railway can be found to the east of the Pillnitzer country road. It was built between 1898 to 1900 and is the oldest of its kind in the world. The two cars (previously there were two additional vehicles in the trailer) have to be moved along a track, which in turn rests on steel girders. The 274 meters of track lengths can be covered in five minutes and lead to the 84-meter high viewing platform on the Loschwitzhöhe.
Dresdner monorail began service on 6 May 1901, 6 years after the funicular railway adjacent to the "White Deer" and this allowed the region of Oberloschwitz to be developed. The system is based on the monorail principle of Cologne engineer Eugen Langen. Both cars run on wheels with double flanges on the guide rail. The cars are supported by cables. The corresponding carrier is always at the opposite station. Initially driven by a compound steam engine, the system now runs on a DC motor.

The cable cars can be easily reached from Dresden Quality Hotel Plaza Dresden.

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