23 March 2019
Places of Interest in Dresden

Dresden has always enchanted its visitors with a fascinating and exciting blend of tradition and modernity. A walk through the baroque city center and the former residence of the Saxon electors and kings, and looking at the beautiful scenery of the river Elbe, you can feel the unique charm of Florence on the Elbe and the Old Town.

Elector August the Strong, and those who followed him with skill, artistry and perseverance have created through their passion for collecting unique museums such as the "Green Vault“ and the "Turkish Chamber, " impress the tourists and locals again and again and Dresden to a Art and culture, world-class city make.

Many attractions are within a short distance of our hotel.
Distance from hotel: 3.2 km
... The Frauenkirche is the symbol of Protestant church architecture. Both of its overall outer appearance as well as the interior design with the central position of the pulpit, baptismal font, altar and organ, the Frauenkirche is a remarkable example of baroque architecture 
Sacred art.
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Distance from hotel: 3.1 km
...August the Strong created this Baroque area as a magnificent backdrop for his courtly festivities. The spectacular sandstone scenery brings with its world-famous collections of treasures: The unique Art Gallery Old Masters, the chimes of Meissen porcelain, the hidden Nymph and one of the oldest science and technology collections in the world fascinated by several million visitors.
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Distance from hotel: 3.1 km
... The Saxon State Opera Dresden is a house of international reputation with a great orchestra, the Staatskapelle Dresden, and an ensemble of international stature.
A dazzling performance with a magnificent, late-classical architecture. Known worldwide as one of the most beautiful opera houses in Europe: the magnificent acoustics are legendary and are appreciated by audiences today. The sumptuous interior has been restored by local craftsmen and artists on the available original documents and plans.
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Distance from hotel: 3.4 km
... The Dresden Royal Palace has been not only the center of Saxon government but also a cultural center piece for several centuries.  In close proximity to major cultural buildings in Dresden, it is now part of a historical cultural district. When renovations for the palace have been completed art collections will once again be made available within its walls. 
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Distance from hotel: 3.2 km
The Stallhof Courtyard. In the Middle Ages was a stable yard, which belonged to a large complex of royal palaces. Knights used the courtyard for jousting tournaments and equestrian events.
The Princes Mural is located on the outside of the stable yard on Castle Square. The 101 meter long mural represents the history of Saxon’s ruling family, the House of Wettin as larger than life parade.
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Distance from hotel: 0.3 km
After six years of extensive construction work, the Military Historical Museum not only surprises with its impressive architecture, but also offers visitors a completely new exhibition, covering over 800 years of German military history.
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Distance from hotel: 1.3 km
Known far beyond the borders of the city, the hip neighborhood "Outer Neustadt“ comprises more than 150 pubs, music clubs and trendy shops found in the teeming alleys and courtyards. The district has become home to many of Dresden’s artists, musicians and students. One can also find the Kunsthofpassage and the most beautiful dairy in the world.
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Distance from hotel: 3.9 km
People are at the center of this unique museum in Europe. The permanent exhibition "adventures“allows visitors to explore a wealth of exhibits, interactive media installations concerned with man, his body and health.
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Distance from hotel: 3.8 km
The Transparent Factory is considered to be a flagship monument to the future, combining futuristic setting with the brilliant history of the city of Dresden. The factory has been built on an approximately 8.3 hectar site on the Stübelallee.
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Distance from hotel: 6.2 km
BAROQUE DRESDEN - The myth of the royal city of saxony
back from autumn 2019
The baroque city of Dresden with its magnificent palaces and churches, the impressive gardens and stately homes along the Elbe River on a sunny August afternoon in 1756 to do with the 360 - degree panoramic painting "DRESDEN - Myth of the Baroque Royal Seat" 
Dresden 1945 - Tragedy and hope of a european city
from 12th January 2019 to autumn 2019
On a 1:1 scale, DRESDEN 1945 takes you on a journey through time back to the Elbe metropolis in the immediate aftermath of the bombing raids in 1945.
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Distance from hotel: 4.7 km
A highlight for young and old is the fourth-oldest zoo in Germany. Lying at the southern edge of the Great Garden it houses over 2,000 animals with 334 species. The zoo not only provides recreation but also provides a scientific education centre for the city.
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Distance from hotel: 4.5 km

... The Great Garden as "green lungs of Dresden" is now used for a variety of recreational activities. The architecture and art lovers attract palace, pond and numerous groups of figures, the botany lovers of great trees and artfully designed parks and animal lovers squirrels & Co. Finally, the park railway, the Sonnenhäusel and the zoo is the smallest lure in the green oasis.
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Distance from hotel: 3.2 km
Because of its scenic beauty and magnificent view far into the Dresden, the Elbe Valley and the Elbe hillsides have always been one of the preferred residential areas in the city. Along the Elbe visitors can find many old castles and old residential areas and a technical marvel in the form of a suspension bridge, which is called “The Blue Wonder” due to its bright blue paint.
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Distance from hotel: 11.2 km
The former summer residence of the royal house of Saxon is the largest castle complex in Europe built in chinoises style. The castle park with more than 2,000 trees and more than 600 potted plants invites visitors for beautiful walks in every season 
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Distance from hotel: 4.8 km
The picturesque Loschwitz hillside has been a landmark for over 100 years with its famous cable car and funicular railway. The twin tracks form a major tourist attraction in Dresden. This cable car with its unique charm is a special experience.
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