18 June 2018

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Dresden Neustadt - Kunsthof and Pfund's Dairy

Kunsthofpassage (Art Courtyard)

Creative, colourful and rich in contrast, the Kunsthofpassage that connects the Alaunstraße 70 with the Görlitz 23-25. is a delightful mixture of culture and urban life.
Five different courtyards come up with specific topics and many restaurants and cafes, galleries and shops. Originally it was a challenge to restore dilapidated backyards, and to offer an inner city area with the idea of living, working and partying.

The Kunsthof is worthwhile exploring and allows visitors many discoveries - such as the courtyard of the mythical creature – Visitors can view richly detailed facade design. In the courtyard of the metamorphoses the attentive viewer can follow the slow change of 24 different papers. In the courtyard of the elements, the colourful spectacle of architecture on the walls and the rain through the rain pipes attached to the artists – and the music.

One of the shopping highlights in the new town is the "Kunsthofpassage." In a romantic maze of alleyways and small courtyards imaginatively designed houses, shops and restaurants await the visitors with unique wares from of all walks of life.

Pfund's Dairy - the "most beautiful dairy in the world"

The "most beautiful dairy in the world" was opened in1892

Here on the grounds of the former dairy pounds. The dairy store is seen as an original retail facility. More than 3,500 hand-painted tiles from the Dresden branch of the ceramics company Villeroy & Boch decorate walls, ceiling and counter. Even the floor is covered with coloured tiles. The equipment of the shop consists of imaginatively decorated majolica with motifs from the dairy industry, with mythical animals and floral elements in the style of the Renaissance.

Directly adjacent to the shop is the Pound Café & Restaurant.

Dresdner dairy
Brothers pounds
Bautzner Straße 79
01099 Dresden

Opening times:
Mon-Sat 10-18 hrs. Sundays and holidays 10-15 hrs

Our daily best rates
 Single Double
18.06. Mon.  €79    €86
19.06. Tue.  sold out    sold out
20.06. Wed.  €79    €86
21.06. Thu.  €68    €75
exclusive breakfast buffet 
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Time:  13:21
Mon, 18.06.  24°C 
Tue, 19.06.  27°C 
Wed, 20.06.  30°C 
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