18 June 2018

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Hygiene Museum Dresden

the German Hygiene Museum (1912) was founded on the initiative of the Dresden industrialist and manufacturer Odol Karl August Lingner (1861-1916). Lingner had in 1911 been one of the protagonists of the First International Hygiene Exhibition, which attracted over five million visitors to Dresden. This exhibition was arranged with the most modern techniques and clarity in a previously unknown knowledge of human anatomy. It also addressed the issues of health care and nutrition. At the time the exhibition was considered to be a major breakthrough and during the Weimar Republic helped to promote health care.
For the Second International Hygiene Exhibition of 1930, the Wilhelm Kreis (1873-1955) the design museum building was purchased.

A special highlight of today’s museum is the “Transparent Man” Visitors can view the inner workings of the human body. Because of the extraordinary popularity of this model further exhibits have been added showing animals in the glass body and Hygiene Museum.

In addition to permanent exhibitions related to the human anatomy, sexuality, AIDS or healthy diet, there are numerous other exhibitions, which have interesting topics (such as genetic research).

The Children's Museum, is unique in the world of museums in Dresden. Exhibits here are supplemented with numerous interactive elements and an age-appropriate manner. The theme in the event area are the five senses: hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting. On about 500 square meters can children aged between four and twelve years can explore the mysteries and amazing capabilities, of the human senses. Together with friends, parents, educators and teachers, the children can use interactive stations to and experiment. Through the exhibition the children are helped to use their own 5 senses and learn a little more about themselves..

At the museum there is also a herb garden where visitors can learn more about medicinal plants, herbs and spices.

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum
Lingnerplatz 1
01069 Dresden
Phone: 0351 4846-400
Fax: 0351 4846-402
E-mail: service@dhmd.de
Web: www.dhmd.de

Opening times:
Tue-Sun, public holidays 10:00 -18:00 hrs
closed on 1. January, 24. and 25. December
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