19 August 2018

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The Great Garden

The Great Garden is one of the most beautiful parks and greenery in the city center

In August the Strong, the park underwent a major expansion. He was a great place for courtly festivities. The park was expanded, the palace pond was built, the plant was equipped with statues. Repeated transformations learned from the garden 1814th It was designed in the style of English gardens to a public park, with Baroque elements were preserved forever.

Another important beginning in the second half of the 19th Century with Carl Friedrich Bouché. Neuteich and Carolasee created - opened in 1861, the zoo is separated from the area in 1893, the Botanical Garden - opened here in 1895 Carolaschlösschen. Upon the establishment of the exhibition site today Strasbourg Square Park lost again to surface.

The destruction of the 13th February 1945 and the following were also at the Great Garden not over without a trace. Inter alia The palace was destroyed completely.

In GDR times was the further expansion of the garden. 1950 we opened the park railway, completed in 1955, the puppet theater Sonnenhà and three years later, the "young guard" - an outdoor stage, which enjoys great popularity today.

The park train
Full speed ahead through the park

Not a few visitors to the Great Garden in amazement listen, when to interrupt rail unmistakable sounds and energetic signals of a locomotive the idyllic peace and dense clouds of smoke rising among the treetops. The solution is to park railway, a Liliputzug of 381 mm gauge who brings in the summer months, thousands of small and large passengers on a tour of the park. What is special about this is that driving is done by children and young people in their spare time.

In the early thirties as a perverse attraction to a miniature railway with the hygiene and horticultural exhibitions at the site of the Great Garden. After 1945 had intended for years with rubble rubble paths charges the city, was remembered again the old outsourced web. The International Children's Day "1950 is a welcome occasion was another" toy train "in service to take. That same year, the first taken later extended 5.6 km route in operation. Was renamed in 1951 the "pioneer railway".

Since that time, most posts are practiced by children and so many drivers here has today received in childhood, the inspiration for his future career choice. In 1990 the pioneer railway in "Dresden Park Railway renamed and placed under the 1993 castles and gardens in Dresden.

With the purchase of fields between chasing, and Gruna Pirnaischer suburbs, so to speak, the foundation stone for the park was laid. The result was here from 1678 an orchard.

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