19 August 2018

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Zoo Dresden - an animal adventure

Founded in 1861, the zoo is the capital of Saxony is currently the fourth oldest in Germany. It was almost completely destroyed in 1945 and one year after was
re-opened modestly. It was followed by the gradual establishment of the zoo in its present form. Today the zoo is home has approx 13 acres including a specialized area with Asian fauna – Visitors can view many different animals including snow leopards, fish and sand cats, Mishmi Takin, hog deer and the Chinese giant salamander.

Among the special attractions include the Africa House with elephants, mandrills and some tropical bird species, the savannah-like design of lions and Karakalanlage and the new giraffe house, where visitors can get eye to eye with the giraffes.

A new animal house with 1,125 square meters of floor space in the building and 13 700 square meters grounds was opened after a year of construction. The "Prof. Fire-house "offers the primates and the saltwater crocodile Max a larger and more modern accommodation. In the large display enclosure new species such as woolly monkeys, armadillo and Weißkopfsaki are shown.

A School exists since 1969, where students of all ages can approach problems of environmental protection and issues of ecology and ethnology

The zoo is a firm favourite for Dresden’s children and families as well as the zoo school.

Zoo Dresden GmbH
Tiergartenstraße 1
01219 Dresden

Phone: 0351 / 47 80 60
Fax: 0351 / 4 78 06 60
E-mail: info@zoo-dresden.de
Web: www.zoo-dresden.de

Opening times:
The current opening times and the times of animal feeding at the zoo Dresden can be found here!
45 minutes before the closure of the zoo's ticket office closes.
The restaurant at the Africa House is open until the zoo closes.

Information about the valid ticket prices to the zoo Dresden can be found here!

Our daily best rates
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20.08. Mon.  €68    €75
21.08. Tue.  €68    €75
22.08. Wed.  €76    €83
exclusive breakfast buffet 
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